Technical institutions accept over 37,000 trainees for new semester



— The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has said it has accepted 37,419 trainees at its colleges and institutes for the new academic semester.

It said 21,392 male and 5,479 female trainees were accepted by technical colleges and industrial institutes for the diploma programs. The bachelor programs accepted 1,430 male trainees while 785 will study at secondary education institutes.

International technical colleges have accepted 4,188 trainees while strategic partnership institutes have accepted 4145 trainees in collaboration with the private sector.

Admission for prisoners training will start in the first week of the semester.

The TVTC runs 41 technical colleges for men and 23 colleges for women. There are also 31 international institutes for men and women and 64 secondary industrial training institutes, in addition to 25 institutes run by the private sector, in different Saudi regions.