Punish the Taif nurses!


I am appalled at some of the comments circulating on social media regarding the recent video showing three nurses in Taif abusing their entrusted task as caregivers to a newborn infant.

Although we have yet to see the judiciary system take action regarding this incident, I believe that those in the medical sector who have provided commentary about this incident are completely wrong.

The video, which shows nurses in a maternity hospital in Taif mistreating a newborn by playing with his head, has led to them being fired and having their professional licenses revoked.

Is this enough at this point until the judiciary process takes its course? In my opinion, it is not. The nurses should be held in custody while the authorities conduct an investigation of this matter. It sends a very lenient message to any medical or social practitioner that if you abuse your trust, the worst that can happen to you is that you will lose your livelihood.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, who teaches medical ethics at the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah, said that people who work in the medical sector, whether doctors or nurses, are under heavy scrutiny from the public. People expect them to respect their careers and responsibilities. To the general public, doctors and nurses are the epitome of goodness, so they are not allowed to commit any slights or have any shortcomings; their mistakes will always be exaggerated.

The behavior involved in the incident in Taif is not tolerated anywhere in the world. Nursing is a profession in the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families and communities so that they may attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. That video did not reflect that in any manner whatsoever.

Apart from the disservice these nurses have done to their profession, we as a community will not tolerate such behavior and these individuals should be put in jail until a sentence is passed.

Regarding the swift reprimand they have received from the Ministry of Health by firing them and revoking their medical licenses, that is a given and is not punishment for their actions, but is rather a reaction to it.

Hussam Al-Mayman