Two Pakistanis killed in Riyadh old building collapse


Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Two Pakistani workers were killed and other three were injured when a portion of old building which was being dismantled collapsed on Tuesday in a leading public hospital in Riyadh.

The tragedy occurred in old lab buildings of King Saud Medical Complex which is commonly known as Shumaisy Hospital, largest public health facility in Riyadh. However, the collapsed area is isolated and marked for construction activity that has no impact on main hospital according to authorities.

The two workers were dead and other two injured, according to civil defense officials.

All workers who were at the site and dismantling the building are Pakistani nationals, according to sources.

In-charge director of King Saud Medical Complex, Dr. Turki Al Nafisa has visited the injured in the hospital. Civil defense and police authorities are probing the case.

As part of renovation and expansion of the hospital complex, ministry of health has been dismantling old and unused parts of the building. Recently, demolition work began at the site.