Gifts for Him & Her Best Fashion Buys This Season


Saudi Gazette

JUST when you thought you were done with shopping for the year, the sales have suddenly emerged and destroyed that fulfilling notion. It is officially get ready to max out your credit card season. However smart online shopping habits also revealed that you could buy the biggest trends as gifts this season at a reasonable price too. With over 50 to 70% off this holiday season, the biggest brands have given in to the current seasonal demand and we are here to help you pick the best buys from all over the market. Sure you can follow Kanye’s advice on gifts’ because no one can beat him at it, as he proved once again when he gifted wife Kim Kardashian goodies from Apple, Disney, Amazon and Adidas along with stocks in each of these companies last week, but no one owns that genius thought mechanism.

So for the rest of us, the only other tip you need to follow is to hit the stores now before they sell out. And the way we shop in the Middle East, it is only possible that most of them already have.

• Rihanna just wore these out while performing with Kendrick Lamar. Off-White's Virgil Abloh likes to infuse his designs with irony and these boots “For Walking” have made it to every fashion diva’s wardrobe this fall. Get them on

• Girls love Sephora. Get them a gift card or a gift set from the on going Winter Wonderland collection. This is the easiest gift of them all. Consider yourself a lucky winner. Check out

• Gucci, Vetements, Balenciaga socks. The biggest trendsetters this year and as you know, the new logo mania has followed its way to socks too. Find them all on

• This Givenchy black smooth leather men’s pouch can also be used as a women’s clutch. It is stamped with the French house's graphic white logo and is 40% off on

• All Saints has the biggest sale of the season that goes up to 50%. Check out the bestsellers- Hawley patent-leather and shearling jacket for women and the Voltaire leather biker jacket for men on

• Selfridges brings you the best assortment from a wide range of brands. Check out the great sale and this Rus faux-fur collar wool-blend coat for men from The Kooples on

• Givenchy’s red slim-fit wool blazer is the ultimate showstopper in the market. It has a ruffled peplum waist that falls to elongated sides. Make it hers on