Electronic piracy is killing the publishing industry


Okaz newspaper

Let’s admit it: Most, if not all of us, do not think twice about downloading electronic books. Instead of paying for them, we simply go to a website that offers pirated copies for free and download a book with the click of a button.

But we must recognize that by doing so, not only are we violating intellectual property rights, but we are also partners with those involved in the crime of piracy.

Piracy hurts the publishing industry immensely. Publishers bear all costs associated with publishing a book and authors rely on legitimate sales for income, but piracy means that both will find themselves with hard copies stored in their offices and warehouses, waiting to be sold to cover the cost of publishing.

It is easy to understand, considering the climate of rampant piracy, why publishers are increasingly reluctant to invest in new books. And if nothing is done to protect publishers and authors, there will not be any books left to pirate!

The situation necessitates that the concerned government agencies, represented by the Ministry of Culture and Information, do what is expected to save the book industry. If nothing is done, we cannot blame negligence, for then it is a case of the cover-up of those who are stealing the efforts of publishers and authors and are causing the death of the publishing industry.