Traditions, drugs, absence of deterrence behind violence against women: Survey


Saudi Gazette report

— Social traditions, drugs and a lack of effective deterrence are found to be the main reasons behind violence against women, according the results of a survey.

The survey found that husbands are the main instigators of abuse against women in the majority of cases.

The survey, published by Al-Madina newspaper on Wednesday, was conducted by the National Center for Public Opinions and the National Safety Program for Families. It covered a sample of 1,199 Saudis, of whom 69 percent were men and 31 percent women.

According to the results of the survey, about 90 percent of the citizens believed there is violence against women indeed exists and 73 percent thought husbands are the main instigators of such violence.

The participants of the survey, of whom about 80 percent were married, believed that 46.5 percent cases of violence against women is psychological.

About 10 percent said violence against women was on the rise while 9 percent said it did not exist. About 44 percent said there is very little violence against women while 36 percent stood the middle ground.

About 16 percent of the women who participated in the survey said the cases of violence against women were numerous while only about 4.5 percent of them believed there was no violence against them.

About 51 percent of the females surveyed said women were mostly victims of psychological violence, 27 percent of them said negligence was another form of violence against women, while 12 percent said violence was mostly physical and 10 percent said women are usually exploited by their husbands.

About 83 percent of the citizens surveyed believed that home was the place where women were subjected to abuse while 25 percent blamed the social traditions and customs.

About 22 percent of the participants were of the opinion that the abuse against women was mainly caused by drugs and narcotics and 13 percent thought a lack of deterrent punishments was to blame.

According to the survey, about 50 percent of the citizens had no idea that there was a program in the Kingdom to protect families against violence while 61 percent did not know where to report the cases of violence and 83 percent did not know how to follow up the cases after reporting them to the authorities.

The survey said 66 percent of the surveyed women believed that about 49 percent of the women victims do not usually report abuses against them.

According to the survey, about 83 percent members of society have no idea that there are programs to empower women in the Kingdom. About 79 percent of the women surveyed supported this conclusion.