68 gas stations sealed for hoarding fuel


Saudi Gazette

— The Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) sealed 68 gas stations across the Kingdom for hoarding fuel on Sunday night before the announcement of price hike.

“We have sealed 68 gas stations across the Kingdom for refusing to supply fuel to consumers on Sunday night,” said an MCI statement issued on Monday.

The ministry said it inspected 1,597 gas stations to ascertain whether they were supplying fuel to motorists or were closed in anticipation of price hike.

The ministry reiterated that it will keep monitoring establishments around the clock for any tampering with price or fraud.

The ministry had taken all necessary measures in cooperation with government agencies, including the security authorities, under the supervision of the joint operations room for consumer protection, to monitor gas stations and penalize violators.

Saudi Aramco said it has made all arrangements to supply abundant quantity of fuel.

Meanwhile, gas stations across the Kingdom witnessed huge crowds of motorists on Sunday night just before the announcement of fuel price hike.

The news of price hike become viral in minutes on social media and hundreds of vehicles were seen in long queues in front of gas stations.

“I am coming to Jeddah from Makhwa, a town in Al-Baha province. On my way I found only a few petrol pumps open,” said Rasheed Khan, a salesman in a lubricant oil company in Al-Baha.