Saudi band cheers the return of movie theaters with new YouTube video


Saudi Gazette

- A new music video created by Saudi band Most of Us celebrates the Kingdom’s move to re-open movie theaters in the country after 35 years.

In the song titled "Cinema in Saudi", band members Hasan Hatrash, Khalid Sharani, Amro Hawari and Amir Abbas relive their favorite childhood memories of cinema, traveling back in time to their favorite Hollywood movies and superheroes.

“I had the idea long before when we did the video about women driving in Saudi Arabia. It was a chance to be known and heard. When I heard that cinema was coming, I thought of prepping for it. But amazingly it came sooner than expected,” said Hatrash, the director and lead vocalist of the band.

“We brainstormed and came up with this idea where the superstars who greatly influenced us will become a part of the song by participating in it just to express how happy we are about it,” he added.

The video begins with two guys who are watching a movie at home when they are transported on a journey with the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and stars through their TV screen. Check out their latest video on their Youtube channel: