Municipality razes 9 houses on govt land in Makkah area


Saudi Gazette

— Inspectors from Al-Shawqiyyah branch municipality in Makkah has demolished nine random houses built illegally on public land in Al-Ikaishiyyah neighborhood.

The head of the municipality, Mamdouh Iraqi, said backed by security patrols, the municipality launched a massive campaign against land encroachment in areas within its jurisdiction.

"We will continue these raids to put an end to such negative phenomena," Iraqi said.

He said the buildings were built by people who claimed ownership of government land without any official documents to prove their claims.

Meanwhile, municipality inspectors in Jumoum governorate in Makkah raided an enclosure where illegal expatriates were preparing meals in a random manner for distribution to restaurants in total disregard for hygiene regulations.

The inspectors seized foodstuffs, meals and utensils used for food preparation from the premises. Several illegal workers were arrested.