Prioritization pivotal for success

Life trainer reveals 10 secrets of happiness to Jeddah gathering


Saudi Gazette

PRIORITIZATION is pivotal for success in life, says an international inspirational trainer.

“All of us need to set aside slots of time for everything in life and exert efforts for that in accordance with set priorities,” says Dr. Abdussalam Omar, a faculty member at King Saud University (KSU) in Riyadh.

In a local hotel in Jeddah recently, Dr. Omar held a huge gathering of invitees spell bound with simple illustrations of how to make life happy and successful. The activity-based session, titled “10 secrets of success and happiness,” was organized by the Jeddah-based Excellency Forum.

Dr. Omar made a demonstration to the audience using a jar, three or four stones of various sizes, some small pebbles and sand. He showed that when the jar is filled with pebbles and sand, there is no space in it for the bigger stones. However, when the big stones are put in the jar first, there is enough space for the small pebbles and sand between the stones.

“Similar is the case with our priorities in life. The larger stones represent the primary and basic priorities, including taking care of one’s health, family, job and obligations to God while the pebbles and sand represent social work and other subordinate activities,” he said. “One who gives priorities to other activities after ignoring the main priority areas will not be successful and will end up in dismal failure,” he said while emphasizing that health is the most precious wealth and there should not be any compromise on giving it utmost attention.

Dr. Omar, a renowned life coach, who leads 120-140 life skill and public educational sessions attended by around 50,000 people annually, highlighted the need for balancing in everybody’s wheel of life. If there was any imbalance in the wheel or if it gets mangled, the consequences would be disastrous. He demonstrated that expressing gratitude to the Almighty is the panacea for the ills of despair in life. “When we interact with less privileged and disadvantaged people, we see the infinite blessings and advantages we have in life. Expressing gratitude to God by showing empathy to fellow human beings will lead to an upward swing in the graph of gratification in our life,” he said citing several examples from day to day life.

Forgiving offenses by others is another secret of success. “When you forgive somebody, you do change your own future destiny by getting rid of the big burden of lingering stress and personal grudge. Also avoid people with negative traits as much as possible and increase interaction with people who have a positive outlook and better qualities after a careful study of their behavior from experience,” Dr. Omar said.

According to Omar, leading a conscious life closely observing and enjoying the exquisite beauty of life will make one happier. “Be a winning warrior by maintaining a positive approach and a charming attitude toward everything in life,” he said after citing the example of a young Saudi man who lost his two legs in an accident in his childhood. “Mr. Qahtani, who works as a driver for a living, has an unquenchable passion for life with working hard and does not like anyone showing sympathy to him.”

Dr. Omar, a social educator who engages students, parents, teachers, professionals and corporate employees, brought home the idea that a powerful morning is a big addition to a successful life. “Get up early in the morning, perform meditation or prayer, do some exercise or engage in any passionate physical activity that will make one’s life more worth living and successful,” he said while citing examples of many highly successful business leaders and top executives around the world.

He also pointed out by skipping breakfast people tend to lose an energetic and healthy life.

Another tip for success is taking initiatives and synergizing. “Around 75 percent of people prefer to live in comfort zones without taking any risks or challenges in life and so they are unable to scale ladders of success. The learning zone is the ideal one where one finds room for success with taking own initiatives or synergizing with thought-out plans and their meticulous execution. Some people take hasty actions in life. Such people always live in a panic zone and cannot win because they chase unrealistic ambitions that do not have any sustainability," said Dr. Omar.

The Indian national also illustrated the electrifying impact of a hug or a pat in developing emotional attachment and strengthening bonds of love and affection. “Also finding time everyday to read something that one loves to read will also bring in an infinite amount of happiness and self realization. Read something that gives you pleasure and avoid watching television programs that create trauma and distract our happiness,” he said, while emphasizing “breathe with a feeling of inhaling all positive energy in world and breathe out all unwanted things and negativities.”

A physician by profession, Dr. Omar, is holder of postgraduate degrees in Emergency Medical Sciences and Medicinal Research. He is currently working as head of the Faculty Skill Development Unit at Prince College of Emergency Medical Sciences of KSU. He was instrumental in imparting professional training and career development to thousands of physicians and paramedics.

Dr. Omar is also an active social worker and community educator specialized in developing life skills, communication and self-confidence, self-empowerment, positive work culture, corporate employees’ skills and positive parenting.

Before moving to KSU eight years ago, he has worked with various health care organizations in Pune, Hyderabad, Dehradun and Dubai.

Jabir Valiyakath, vice president for finance, Abeer Medical Group and Jaleel Kannamangalam also spoke on the occasion.