National Power Academy signs strategic partnership accords


JEDDAH — Building on its vision to create a unique and world class center of knowledge, the National Power Academy (NPA), a public-private training academy backed by the leading Saudi power sector companies including Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company and others, signed four partnership agreements with the very best international and local organizations at the Saudi Smart Grid Conference here.

The agreements were signed by NPA Executive Director Ahmed S. Al-Essa with Zak Allen from Bismarck State College, Dr. Fahad Al-Tuwaijri CEO, Colleges of Excellence, Hussain Shibli, director general of the National Renewable Energy Data Center (NREDC) from King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE), Dr. Bassam Ghulman, vice chairman of Saudi Council of Engineers and Saleh Al-Amri, president & CEO of GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory.

The agreements were witnessed by Prince Dr. Bandar Al Mashary Al-Saud, assistant to the Minister of the Interior for Technology Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri, governor of ECRA, Dr. Saleh Al-Awaji, deputy minister of electricity, Stephen Schlieman, economic officer at the US Consulate, Jeddah, Abdulrahman M. Al-Obayed, senior vice president human resources, Saudi Electricity Company, Abdulhamid Al-Omair manager, Saudi Aramco Power Systems Engineering Department (attended on behalf of Abdulkarim Al-Ghamdi, NPA board chairman and executive director Saudi Aramco Power Systems), Ali Ahmad Al-Shubaili, GM technical asset management Marafiq among other dignitaries.

Bismarck State College, USA, is a nationally recognized Energy Center of Excellence by the US Department of Energy and is partnering with NPA to provide internationally accredited and specialized diploma programs in power and energy for Saudi high school graduates.

The partnership between NPA and K.A.CARE will lay the foundation for jointly developing the training ecosystem required for the Kingdom’s ambitious renewable and atomic energy programs.

The agreement between NPA and Saudi Council of Engineers is to facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise and ensure all Saudi engineers have access to NPA’s continuous development courses through NPA’s diversified professional offerings.

Collaboration between NPA and GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory company will enable the training and development of highly specialized workforce for the region’s testing and inspection services.

“Driven by our mission of transforming the technical training landscape and providing employment for Saudi youth in line with Vision 2030, we are pleased to be partnering with the very best international and local organizations in order to truly create a unique center of knowledge in the Kingdom. I am confident that each partnership will bring mutual benefit and progress for each of the organizations”, said Ahmed S. Al-Essa, NPA executive director.