Experience the Wildlife at Pasuruan, East Java



If you are a person who loves to explore nature and want spend couple of days very close to the wildlife, then Pasuruan, East Java is probably your next destination. Imagine waking up in the morning opening your window curtains to see right in front of you giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and ostriches, Baobab Resort offers you this chance and even more. Only five minutes away you can also visit Taman Safari II to see from a close distance various creatures in their natural environment. An unforgettable experience for family especially children as they may get the chance to feed some animals.

Taman Safari II is located in Pasuruan East Java in the middle of a mountainous panorama surrounded by various trees and plants which add more excitement to the journey. Taman Safari park is almost 55 kilometers away from Surabaya, with an average temperature of 25 degrees cilices. The safari is open for visitors from 8:30 to 16:30 everyday and the fees for entry is estimated at SR25.

The safari is one of the conservation parks of Taman Safari Indonesia. It was founded in December 1997 and it is built on 350 hectares in the slope of the Arjuna mountains in Prigen. Throughout the safari there is over 2500 animals from 250 different species which belong to different global regions. The safari has diverse flora and fauna, visitors can see lions, elephants, giraffes, lamas, dears, hippopotamus, crocodiles, tigers, monkeys and many bird types, dolphins and Humbaldt penguins just to mention a few. The adventure allows visitors to see the animals in their natural habitat.

After exploring the safari either by driving one’s own vehicle or joining the safari bus visitors can head towards the Baby Zoo to get a chance to be closer to some animals, touch them, feed them and take close pictures with them. The safari also provides edutainment content for its visitors particularly children. Kids who arrive to the safari in school tours or with their families are briefed about animals’ body parts, food and way of life. Children will also love to see the different animal shows scheduled at different times.

Attached to the Safari is the Baobab Resort which was inaugurated August 2017 with some 150 rooms with a spa, restaurant, swimming pool, lounge and a free internet service. The resort attracts mainly local visitors from Surabaya and Malang with hopes to get international tourists soon. The four-star resort is has differ option rooms and areas for parties and business meetings. The view of rooms differ, some have a mountain view while others give visitors a chance to see giraffes, zebras and other animals living naturally nearby the swimming pool. During workdays the report is 30% occupied while in weekends it is fully occupied, prices in November, 2017 were estimated at SR280 per night.


Try to arrive at the safari around 8:30 to see the active and friendly animals.

Try to spend at least three hours to best explore the Safari.

Make sure you put on comfortable cloths and sneakers.

Buy from locals some carrots, corns and nuts to feed some animals.

Never open windows when you arrive at the dangerous area.

Avoid weekends so you will not get stuck in traffic.

You might want to buy some souvenirs from local kiosks near the Baby Zoo.