Computers & Computers!


Saudi Gazette

There is one thing common in every home and every school. Computers are everywhere!

Back in the days when computer was introduced in households, people enjoyed the unit by just scrolling the screen and playing ping-pong. Not everyone had the luxury of having Internet, however computer itself was fun and helpful.

Nowadays, computers have doubled their efficiency with continuous connection to the Internet and a quick access to the entire world with just a click.

We can find out about our assignments of topic research with search engines.

We can save, create and share pictures with our friends.

We can stay in touch with our family and friends far away and we can read and write on the internet as well.

You can do you work in a very interesting and neat way.

It means we can do almost everything on the computer. It also means that we are going to spend more and more time on the computer.

With all the benefits of the computer remember that if we don’t limit our use, there is a negative side to computer as well.

Our respected scientists tell us that kids are now using computers for a lengthy time period. They have home works, research and even entertainment on the computers. It’s too much use of computers! And it could lead to all types of problems.

You are sitting in a bad posture while using the computer, and it can lead to spine problem and pain in muscles and body.

Your eyes get tired which can cause sore eyes or headaches.

You have limited physical activity, and chances are that you can might become fat.

More computer and less interaction with real friends can make you socially awkward.

Chances are that you completely depend on computer for your homework and almost everything, causing lack in creativity. You can only think inside a box.

What can you do?

Set a time limit of using the computer in a day and make sure you don’t exceed that.

Set up your computer in a way so that you don’t have to tilt you head up or down.

Close your eyes after every 20 minutes for 5 minutes to give them time to freshen up.

Make sure to remove your hands from the keyboard, and drop them on your lap when you are not writing.

Put a green plant or something green nearby. It will soothe your eyes.

Try to be creative often. Tell yourself that you will try your best to do the assignment on your own, and if answer can’t be find only then will you use the computer.

Limit the hours you play games.

Fix the time to play outside. Observe the nature and learn from it.

Don’t play games before bed time. It will cause trouble sleeping.

Sit straight and in a comfortable position.

Remember real friends and family are important than online friends. Give time to your family. Never skip a meal with a reason that you are busy with computer.

Stay away from unsafe sites.