Health and beauty expo kicks off in Jeddah with participation from 20 countries



The Saudi Health and Beauty Show was held during 4-5 December at Hilton Jeddah. In its fourth consecutive year, the show has welcomed more than 300 brands from over 20 countries.

The show had more than 1788 exhibitors, 777 beauty specialists and 4000 visitors.

Organized by Sunaidi Expo and Conferences at the Hilton Jeddah, the show offered visitors the opportunity to explore a range of health and beauty choices. It also gave a chance to companies to showcase their latest innovations in hair and skin care, which are reportedly the biggest concerns for women looking for elegance and youth.

Countries that joined the show this year included South Africa, Greece and Brazil among other companies specialized in hair and skin originating from America, Britain, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Korea, China, Thailand and Turkey .The participants also included GCC and Arab countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan.

The beauty exhibit revealed many new and unique options for skin care both for everyday use but also for occasions like Haj. A Malaysian company introduced special skin care products designed to be used by pilgrims without fear of containing any smells and also ensuring skin protection in the Ihram state. One of the popular booths at the exhibition was a flower booth that claimed a flower collection could last for one year.

The Korean section also included various male and female products including make-up and the popular Korean eye contacts which widens the eyes. Among the newly introduced products are the Brazilian haircare and treatment products. At the South African booths, investors displayed different products for skin care, weight loss and makeup. Saudi women were distinguished by their introduction and version of different makeup styles among special edition perfumes.

The show offers a platform for business exchange. Show manager Manna Aljabarti emphasized the importance of the presence of major distributors, manufacturers, investors, stakeholders and health and beauty professionals to participate in the show who also share feedback on how to enhance their cooperation with local and international companies.

Beauty Me Zone, the most important activity in the exhibition was sponsored by AS exclusive agent in the region, Al Taqdeer Modern Limited and hosted professional hair training sessions and professional offers. AS offered sophisticated products such as strong and lasting gold and caviar masks for skin care, aside first-of-a-kind hair treatment products.

One of the most prominent activities of this year’s edition was the Beauty Talk Session where professional individuals spoke to a diverse audience and hosted awareness lectures regarding areas related to hair and skin care, cosmetic surgeries, spa, medical consultation, perfumes and the experience of mixing them.

The event also advocated wellbeing and health; as the largest local and international companies specializing in organic, natural and health products contributed to spread health awareness among customers who visited their pavilions.

Additionally, there were a group of companies from Kuwait and America who participated to showcase spa products and a range of hydro-fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of media professionals, health and beauty specialists, customers, and women who are on the look for the latest beauty trends. “We are delighted to host the exhibition for the fourth year in a row, which marks an important milestone for the company and its employees,” said Haya Sunaidi, General Manager, Owner of Sunaidi Expo.

Haya Sunaidi also pointed out to the show’s economic importance with an annual expenditure per capita of about SAR 5000. She added that the health and beauty market saw an 11% growth rate and is considered to be the highest growing sector in the Middle East.

The show also served as a platform for young Saudi women who wished to pave their way into the labor market. The event allowed them to take advice from international and local experts, especially those from the Technical College for Girls in Jeddah, which offers training courses in professional makeup, cinematic makeup, nails and customer service excellence.

The exhibition is the Kingdom’s first health and beauty platform held on such a large scale and is considered as an ideal platform for developing the health and beauty sector while enhancing local and international trade relations.