Effat female engineering students join Solar Energy program in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Gazette

— Effat University engineering and architecture students joined a solar energy training program provided by AlTaqaa – Zahid Company, Saudi Arabia’s leading environmentally responsible provider of alternative energy solutions.

On Monday, students and faculty members of Effat University operated and commissioned the Solar System. Talking about the solar energy, Dr. Mohamed Shehata, a professor from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at Effat University, said “the solar energy has many benefits including of course preserving the environment and reducing electricity bills. The university decided to launch a solar energy project in one of the buildings of Effat. This way, Effat engineering students will be able to experimentally support their research and studies related to the energy systems.”

“This project is a perfect opportunity especially for students in the department of ECE to have a unique practical experience to the solar energy system,” added Dr. Tayeb Brahimi, an Assistant Professor at ECE Department.

Among the trained students, Hind Arrab, an ECE student, expressed her gratefulness to Saudi Gazette and said “I am very happy to participate in such a big project here at Effat University. I believe I will be confident enough after graduating to be proud and say that I was a part of the Solar Energy Project of Effat University.”

The agreement with AlTaqaa includes training for two groups of students during installation, commissioning and monitoring of the PV plant. Each group has 10 students and three faculty members from Effat University’s Engineering and Architecture departments, and the Master of Energy Engineering program.

“AlTaqaa company gave us an outstanding opportunity to learn things we would never get somewhere else. I can say it was really an exceptional opportunity and I am very happy to be a part of that training,” said Wajd Al-Mehdar, an ECE student.

“I am so proud that they chose me as one of the students being trained. This is very helpful for us as students of electrical and computer engineering to have a practical experience before graduating and starting a serious job,” added Ghdai Al-Sharbeyni.

The technical specifications are 20.15 kWp (Project A: 10.4kWp + Project B: 9.75kWp) rooftop system using grid-tied solar panels, 3 phase, 380V, 60 Hz along

with Inverters, Mounting Structure, Ballasting, AC / DC Cables and Monitoring System. The supply and installation of feeder cables (maximum 50 meters for each feeder) up to customer LV Switchgear, and the supply and installation of a weather station.

Effat University is the first in the Kingdom to introduce a Masters in Energy Engineering degree. “Effat University is committed to supporting the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 to ensure a sustainable non-oil dependent future for the Kingdom,” said Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, President of Effat University.