Blue Ocean – A place for seafood fanatics 


Saudi Gazette

Happiness comes in waves, slowly and suddenly. What if these waves bring along food? This would definitely be a cause for happiness. Blue Ocean is a fancy restaurant that reminds one of Miami Beach. Located in Faqieh Aquarium, it is an amazingly magnificent place that begins with an enchanting view of the ocean and ends with delectable food.

The staff efficiently welcome guest inside, offering diners a choice of sitting inside or on the terrace outside. Most people prefer the terrace because of the natural ambience.

A favorite for seafood lovers is Dynamite Shrimp that is served with a sauce. Other items include Grilled Atlantic Salmon and then there is also the Seafood Stack that is a combination of grilled fish and shrimp stacked on top of each other and glazed with spicy tomato or creamy sauce.

The mouthwatering Chicken Roma served with Parmesan sauce and pasta marinara will definitely enhance the joy of being at Ocean Blue. The staff are accommodating to customers’ needs if they wish to change the combination of their orders.

The Chicken Teryaki combined with mashed potatoes is a must. A big thumbs up for the serving size, which is usually not seen in other fancy restaurants. Kids’ meals include chicken nuggets, mac and cheese or chicken sandwich served with fresh juice, and costs SR35. There are also a variety of shakes on offer, including Cotton Candy, Toffee Coffee, Mocha Oreo and Bubble Gum.

The most special thing on the menu is the Catch of the Day. This is whatever the Blue Ocean crew has caught fresh from the sea that day, and is served on the same day. The size, type of catch and quantity remains a mystery until its arrival.

For Sheehsa lovers, this waterfront restaurant is a fantabulous place to watch the smoke from their hubble-bubble vanish into the air while listening to the sound of waves thrashing the shore. If you are lucky to be there on Ladies’ Night, you will be served a rose fresh from the garden along with your order. Desserts include Molten Lava Cake, Carrot Cake, and several other cakes along with pies and ice-creams. Overall, this place deserves a piquant five out of five for serving, staff, taste and the stupendous waterfront view.

Prices range between SR70 and SR80. If you are a lover of sea views, sunsets, the sound of waves and delicious food, then Blue Ocean is the place to enjoy all of that in one shot.