Don’t miss Picasso’s masterpiece if you’re in Madrid


Saudi Gazette


Pablo Picasso

Made in

1937 at his home on Rue des Grands Augustins, in Paris


Standing at 3.49 meters tall and 7.76 meters wide


Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

Guernica is known as one of the most piognant anti-war paintings in history. The painting depicts the suffering of people along with a gored horse, bull, and flames in a palette consisting of grey, black and white. The painting was made in response to the bombing of Guernica, by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italian warplanes at the request of the Spanish Nationalists and later helped bring worldwide attention to the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was exhibited at the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (Paris International Exposition) in the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris and then at other locations around the world. The masterpiece is now placed at Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. In honor of the 80th anniversary of Pablo Picasso‘s famous Guernica, the Museo Reina Sofía hosted a major exhibition this year highlighting the artist’s depictions of warfare and his ambivalent approach to violence and other themes. “Pity and Terror in Picasso: The Path to Guernica” brought together 150 masterpieces by the artist, some from the Reina Sofía’s own collection, and others from over 30 institutions around the world, including Musée Picasso and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Tate Modern in London, MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Beyeler Foundation in Basel, and a selection from private collections including that of Claude Ruiz-Picasso, son of the artist. The Reina Sofia Museum is located near Madrid’s Atocha train and metro station at the southern end of the city’s ‘Golden Triangle of Art’.