RISA conducts Training of Trainer program at Al Yasmin School


RIYADH — The Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse (RISA) program, under the aegis of Subair Kunju Foundation, conducted its second trainer training (TOT) program at Al Yasmin international School here. Eighty-eight teachers attend the program. Principal K. Rahmathulla inaugurated the function and the program consultant Dr. A.V. Bharathan gave an introductory speech on TOT program.

There were 5 topic presentations by subject experts from the RISA team. A session on Hazards of Smoking by Dr. Thampi, the Social Impact of Drug Abuse by Mrs. Padmini U. Nair, Problems of Alcoholism by Dr. Raju Varghese, Psychiatric Aspects of Drug Abuse by Dr. Nazeem Akthar Quraishi and a presentation on how to detect substance abuse in students at an early stage by the RISA convener Dr. Abdul Azeez were held.

The session was followed by an interactive session moderated by Mrs. Meera Rahman, the vice principal of International Indian School, Riyadh. The RISA TOT experts answered the questions of trainees. School manager Shanoj, admin staff Mrs. Rahna Latheef, teacher Meena and a RISA team of Nizar Kallara, Georgekutty Makkulath, Mohammed Sanoob, Sony Kuttanad and Mohammed Shaji coordinated to conduct the event. The school headmistress Mrs. Asha Cheriyan welcomed the gathering and staff coordinator Mohammed Israr delivered the vote of thanks.

The RISA-TOT is a 4-step program with an intention to train teachers and students of schools with a scientific training module released for this purpose. Formal training of teachers is the first step. In the second step, the trained teachers give an initial orientation to interested students in the school. Formal training of students by the RISA-TOT team is the third step. In step 4, a school-based committee to fight against substance abuse (RISA health club) will be formed with the trained teachers and students, HOI, a teacher guide, one representative of school PTA and one member from RISA. RISA will continue to give all technical support to all such school clubs.

TOT program aims to train at least one third of teachers and a minimum of 20% students of grade 8-12 in international schools in the KSA. “Our aim is to train a total of 10,000 trained persons including teachers and students in a time-bound manner. We expect the TOT trained persons to effectively work in the community as well as in the schools in the fight against the social evils of tobacco, alcohol and various other substances of addiction,” said a RISA release.

RISA has conducted 71 programs since its initiation in Riyadh in April 2012 and has the privilege of official recognition of National Committee for Narcotics Control, KSA. The Subair Kunju Foundation has already arranged many RISA activities in the Kingdom and other Middle East countries as well as in Kerala. It plans to extend its activities to other countries in association with NGOs with similar interest. — SG