Most Stylish Men In The Middle East


Saudi Gazette

You’re either born with it or you can hire a good stylist. We are here to help the latter learn from social media’s style icons. While they all may have a different style, which makes them unique and winners by default, none of them are afraid to take risks and make the streets their runway if they have to. With the increasing number of male fashion bloggers in the region, we picked some names that can help you make the right decisions, so take notes. What they all have in common apart from great taste and styling sensibility is that they stay true to themselves, because they know that is exactly what makes one stand out.

Mahmoud El Sidani @mrmoudz

“My personal style is forever changing, as I get older and experience more in life I evolve, I feel that my style evolves too with the passing of time. I like thinking out of the box and taking chances, even if it's with something as simple as the accessory, I like to be different. In a word I would have to say my style is Androgynous.”

Life Of A Fashion Blogger

I accidentally stumbled into the world of blogging. It was never my aim when I started Instagram, though I was always particular with the content I would be sharing on social media, I never imagined that this would be my career. I don't even think I thought it was possible for it to be a career. I moved to Dubai five years ago to buy for Level Shoes and with the job came a lot of travel and interactions with some very influential people. I documented all of that, the fashion weeks, the different cities, the countless celebrities, designers and bloggers I would meet. I guess people took interest in it all. After three incredible years with Level Shoes I was ready for my next challenge. I didn't know what it would be, but I knew that I was ready for change. Not long after, I was approached from brands for collaborations and it is then that I saw the true potential for blogging in the region. To me my love for fashion allows me to keep up to date with the trends. I read Vogue and GQ magazine on a regular and with social media being what it is these days, it's hard not to know what the trends are! I also travel a lot, so this definitely helps me keep an eye out on ‘what's hot’ around the world.

What’s Hot Right Now

For me Louis Vuitton has really changed the game in the world of fashion, especially this season. Kim Jones is a genius, anything from his latest collection collaboration with Supreme would be a must have for me this season. I would also put a good pair of distressed denim jeans from Topman on the list here - you can never go wrong with their fits. Lastly I would say Gucci, a brand that has brought back a monogram print like no other - their monogram caps are a must for me this season!

Sami Slimani @samislimani

“My personal style and the way I approach fashion is a mix of classic pieces elevated with a modern touch. I have a huge appreciation for quality, opulence and I always create my outfits around the idea of elegance and timelessness.”

A Fashion Blogger That Doesn’t Follow Trends

I started in 2009 when blogs and social media were not yet the phenomenon they are today and I was passionate about my idea of fashion, luxury and beauty. So I went after it and now I'm pretty amazed at how far I've come with doing what I love.

When it comes to trends I have to be really honest, I never follow them. Of course I am aware of current trends but at the end of the day, it's not what I aspire to share with my audience. I want to, however, share my own trends and inspirations that I find exceptional.

Favorite Menswear Brands

From streetwear, Comme des Garcons, GCDS, Topman and CAV EMPT- a Japanese Streetwear Brand because I love the message revolving the brand. From high-end brands, my favorites are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Givenchy.

Must Have Pieces

Luxury watches from brands like Omega because they create timeless, elegant pieces that elevate every outfit.

A well-tailored suit from Zenga and Brioni- my favorite suit brands because of great quality, they are super elegant and perfectly fitted.

A fresh, long-lasting scent like Tom Fords 'Oud Wood' which is one of my favorites as well as Valentino ‘Uomo'.

Elias El-indari @eliaselindari

“My personal style is heavily influenced by Italian fashion revolving around sartorial suiting and chic streetwear.”

On Top Of Trends

It all started four years ago during my Master Degree in Sydney and evolved into one of the leading men’s lifestyle blogs by maintaining a high quality and natural feel to the manner in which I present myself. Attending every men’s fashion week over the past couple of years has given me the chance to remain on top of upcoming trends, which I later showcase on the blog.

Favorite Pieces

The recent Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection is to die for, along with Prada’s seventies inspired collection. Must-have pieces are a pair of white sneakers from Common Projects, a cap from either Balenciaga or A.P.C and a three-piece tuxedo from Dolce & Gabbana.