What about Hezbollah?


NEWS reports about the “defeats” of the terrorist organization continue to abound in Iraq and Syria (looming large in Libya).

These reports are promising and heartening, announcing the departure of the criminal gang. However, there are still questions and doubts regarding the fate of the leader of the organization, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and his fighters who vanished into thin air as strangely as their suspicious appearance.

The war on terror is required and is a must, and the abandonment of it is in fact not different from betrayal in any sense. The war on Al-Qaeda and Daesh (the so-called IS) is a well-known issue as they are unquestionably the symbols of terrorism.

However, one question must be asked: Why is the Daesh and Al-Qaeda dealt with strongly and earnestly while Hezbollah terrorist organization is treated with kid gloves? There is a great deal of ambiguity about the reasons for the international community’s handling of Hezbollah in such a soft manner, the organization that has been condemned for many different crimes inside Lebanon and through its branches scattered around the world. This terrorist organization is fighting to protect a tyrannical regime, slaughtering women and children, blowing up houses, destroying mosques and harboring wanted murderers and criminals.

As a matter of fact Hezbollah is involved in setting up terror organizations in various Arab countries. It smuggles drugs, launders money and assassinates political and media figures opposed to it. It commits all crimes and sins with distinction. However, there is not a focused campaign to get rid of it. Its leaders move freely and deliver speeches in public places. Even the terrorist leader, Hassan Nasrallah, who claims to be the leader of the resistance against Israel, a character he no longer personally believes, has never been subjected to any single assassination attempt by Israel or its allies. It is no longer convincing that the international community will remain “amusing” and “compassionate” in dealing with this terrorist organization showing its double standards.

The terrorist organization (Hezbollah) poses a very dangerous threat to peace and stability in the region as its leaders are a part of the plan to export the Iranian revolution, which is aimed at redrawing the Arab states. The aim has been stated more than once and its bloody fingerprints can be seen everywhere. Hezbollah is in fact more dangerous than Daesh and Al-Qaeda as this organization plans its nefarious design meticulously, contrary to the ignorant and impulsive Daesh and Al-Qaeda. Hezbollah manages to provoke riots and strife everywhere, causing massive loss.

No one will recognize the justice, sincerity and wisdom of the war on terror without trials of Hezbollah and its leaders in the International Court of Justice and punishing them for their crimes appropriately.

Hezbollah is a terrorist and bloody organization that has nothing to do with the resistance that its honorable heroes have and its people are ignorant of.

Any system that gives legitimacy to the terrorist organization like Hezbollah by participating in the government, which includes it, is thus a partner in the crime. There is no place in a clean and free world for any entity like Hezbollah in any way, a useful summary and full stop on the line.