Book beauty services on-the-go with bookr app


Saudi Gazette

Bookr app is a new booking platform that allows users in the Kingdom to book beauty services on their mobile app.

You don’t have to call or go to a salon to get an appointment anymore. All you have to do is download the app and you will be able to pick your stylist, service and time within minutes. It is a rewarding experience because every time you use the app to book a service, you earn points that eventually translate to free beauty services in the future. The app features exclusive and convenient home services and some of the best salons including Evania Spa Park Hyatt, Zouari and Eric Zammour including more based in Jeddah.

Although in its infancy, it already offers access to some of the best salons and will help you discover new beauty spots with real reviews to help save your time.

Bookr was initiated by MIT graduate Zaina Albader in 2015 and launched in Saudi Arabia with Forbes Businesswoman Sara Ashemimry this year.

“The app is trying to create a directory for great salons and beauty professionals, ratings and customer reviews, easy booking and payment options online without having to call or go to the salon and waiting in line,” Albader told Saudi Gazette. The app claims to have 40,000 users in Saudi Arabia.

“About 40 % of app downloads are from Kuwait, 35% are from Saudi Arabia and the rest are a mix of users from GCC and international countries. 85% of downloads are women with the rest being men,” Albader said.

She said the main challenges with developing the app is coordinating with an offshore development team. “Now that the team is in-house, developing new features is faster.”

Bookr plans to add more salons, home service options, online payment options as well as easier point accumulation and redemption procedures soon.

The app has a lot of potential and scope for growth however it is still limited to women, salon options, a detailed description of services offered and even though it offers a tab for men it is still ineffective. “Some salons choose not to add descriptions for their services. We always encourage them to add as much info as possible for new clients,” Albader explained. She said they plan to add more salons but are selective in the process. “We carefully select the salons based on cleanliness, talent of the stylists, as well as the reputation and quality of services. We know that many users want to try new salons, and we want to make sure they have a great experience so that they trust Bookr to only give them great options. Beauty is our responsibility. As for men, we have not started but we plan to soon.”

She said the feedback so far has been spectacular. “People are very happy with the convenience of booking online and we wish to continue improving the user experience by making it more convenient and fun to use than booking by telephone.”

In Saudi Arabia, the traditional method of booking appointments heavily relies on calling or going to salons to book appointments. Albader said the transition is easy with many people willing to give the app a shot. “It is very easy to get people to switch. Most people prefer going on an app and booking because they do not have to look for the salons number, then call and wait for busy or unanswered lines. Some people don’t like to talk on the phone and prefer to take advantage of online booking and also because it is faster to book and pay over the app. You instantly select the date and see all free times for the stylists rather than wait for receptionist to check her books and tell you what time is available.”

We asked how hard it is for salons themselves to adapt to the new system. “Change is hard for salon owners especially with the current situation and many strict rules. However after taking the demo and seeing the benefit of communicating with customers and how it is easier they are committing to the app. The challenge is getting an appointment and for them to see the demo. For salons it would be a lot easier as they can take appointments 24/7 even when they are closed.”

Log on to or download the app now available on the App Store.