A walk in the park refreshes the mind


Parks are an important part of our communities. The best month to take a walk in the park is November when the winds are breezy, cool and welcoming. The weather is finally changing, thereby making it a perfect season to be outside.

A walk in the park after long hours of work or school reduces stress and fills us with strength and energy.

Once we enter the park, we see trees and flowers, which are a treat to our tired eyes.

Parks are also important for children who can spend their leisure time breathing fresh air, away from a congested home environment and electronic life.

Children play on slides and swings and bicycle and skate. Their laughter and enjoyment changes our mood and refreshes us.

We also notice families in the park having a reunion with their relatives and friends. The smell of grilled chicken and barbecued meat fills the air with a rich aroma.

Medical professionals claim that walking in the park or outdoors can improve physical health. People who walk, jog and exercise in parks maintain lower body fat percentages and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I recently met some overweight people taking a long walk in Dammam Panda Park. When I asked them about their exercise, their collective reply was:

“A walk in the park around flowers and grass gives one a fresh and energetic feeling. We walk to maintain our health. When we walk, our heart pumps blood to all parts of the body and we feel better and sharper.”

We can also witness people performing their obligatory prayers and thanking the Almighty for His bounty. The park is a perfect place for anyone irrespective of age to visit and seek comfort.

There are various benefits of taking children to the park. Their social skills are developed when they have to take their turn to play on the swing or slide. Being indoors makes children lazy, but visiting a park and allowing them to jump, climb and run helps to make them healthy and provides exercise for their muscles.

The sight of children in a park gives everyone enthusiasm and creates a positive mood. Parks are necessary for the health and happiness of city dwellers. City parks help children to explore, learn and develop physically.

These days, we are surrounded by an artificial environment with plastic grass and trees. Our homes are filled with radiation and electromagnetic waves. Hence, it is better to be close to nature.

Spend more time in nature exercising outside instead of going to the gym. Have dinner and family reunions outdoors.

I hope everyone will take advantage of the season and spend the weekends in an open area in a park or on the Corniche.

Live your life with nature!

Shafeeka Basheer,