Rainbow colored mountains mentioned in the Qur’an


Saudi Gazette

The Holy Qur’an was sent down by Angel Jibreel to a prophet living in the middle of an Arabian desert. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was but a messenger to deliver to the people the word of God, and to call people to the way of God, Islam.

Those who turned away in disbelief and arrogance accused the Prophet of fabricating the verses of the Qur’an and they challenged him to give them signs that he was speaking the truth and that the Qur’an was indeed sent down as the word of God.

One powerful sign that points to the miraculous nature of the Qur’an and that the words of the Qur’an could not have been formulated by Muhammad (peace be upon him) of Arabia is the following verse in the Holy Qur’an, which describes in detail beautiful and magnificent wonders found in nature. It speaks of colorful mountains of red and white and different shades of these colors, and mountains of ebony black.

Looking around where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived his entire life, anywhere he looked, all he could see was barren desert, sand dunes, brown hills, some shrubs, and palm trees. When fortunate, he and his companions could come across a blue, refreshing oasis of water. But they had never seen or even imagined rainbow colored mountains, yet it was spoken by the Prophet (peace be upon him) as he recited the Qur’an. The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not make these beautiful images up, they were revealed to him by God, so he could tell the people of the marvelous creation of God.

{Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby fruits of varying colors? And in the mountains are tracts, white and red of varying shades and (some) extremely black.} (Chapter 35, verse 27)

The word in Arabic used to describe these tracts of white and red of varying shades means distinct lines or patterns of different, bright colors.

Do these colorful mountains really exist? And if so, where are they located?

Explorers have seen these breathtaking rainbow colored mountains in Peru and in Western China.

In Peru, the Vinicunca or Rainbow mountain is a place near the Ausangate. The mountains are partly formed of colorful sediments, which give the site a unique and surreal look.

Trevor Nace wrote in Forbes magazine, “The Rainbow Mountains of China within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park are a geological wonder of the world. These famous Chinese mountains are known for their otherworldly colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling mountains.”

By no means could Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him) have been there, yet he informed us of them, as was revealed to him by God in the Qur’an.