While we sleep, our army defends us



As a country, we are blessed with an army full of heroes who defend us whenever there is a need to do so, especially those personnel on our southern borders. These are people who sacrifice their lives for the security of the Kingdom and its people.

I truly pray to God that they are able to return safely to their families proud of having defeated all of our enemies. They are true heroes who stay awake at night watching our enemies while the entire country sleeps. The least we can do for them is to pray to God that they remain safe and return home as soon as possible.

We need to understand that it is not only the enemies abroad who wish to target the Kingdom, regardless of whether this is in the form of drugs or destroying our borders. There are even enemies within the Kingdom who live among us. This is an enemy that watches us day and night, trying to find a way to destroy us. They believe in bombing, harming and killing innocent people. They brainwash our teenagers into opposing the Kingdom. There are, unfortunately, too many of them nowadays and they are spreading chaos by killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

According to the Ministry of Interior, a shootout at the outer western gate of Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah recently left two security guards dead and three others injured. A 28-year-old man was killed after he drove up to the palace gates and shot at security guards. The ministry also said that the man who was killed had a machine gun and three bombs. The security guards acted immediately and killed the man.

These are true heroes. They face danger and terrorists. They are heroes who sacrifice their lives while we enjoy ourselves with our families and sleep peacefully. They are heroes who prioritize the Kingdom’s safety and security over their own lives. They are heroes who stand up to terrorists who bomb mosques, public places, and military and diplomatic buildings.

I tell those who defend us that we all trust you and truly believe that one day those terrorists who are trying to rip us apart will get what they deserve.