Latest Health Gadgets


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Gymwatch is a wearable fitness tracker that’s built for the gym, specifically for those headed straight for the weights. Worn on the arm or on the leg, it’s helps you accurately measure your exercise and helps you build muscle the correct way while making sure you’re completing those reps properly by being able to the difference between a solid rep and a half-hearted effort. It has a small, black matte plastic box where the motion sensors and tracking smarts are stored which measures your movement data to help you hit personalized fitness goals. It also pairs with a smartphone app that provides audio feedback.

It started at Indiegogo as another crowdfunding dream and raised just over $160,000 surpassing its $85,000 goal set in 2015. It is now available to buy on Amazon on for $199.

FlipBelt is a functional stash belt for all your run-tech equipment. Wear the belt around your waist, stock it up with essentials including phone, cash, specific size water bottle or whatever you need and just flip over. The belt sits flush against the skin it won’t bounce off with every step you take. They range from a 23- to 41-inch waist and cost only $25.

Healbe GoBe keeps track of calories consumed and burned, sleep, stress and hydration levels. The wrist-worn device is an activity tracker that automatically measures caloric intake. Priced at $299, the band uses an advanced sensor to measure the amount of glucose in your cells through your skin, taking a valid count of your calories along with an always-on heart rate monitor and an accelerometer.

Jawku is designed to measure speed, agility and reaction time rather than counting steps and calories. Jawku Speed gives you purpose, motivation and results for $129.99. Measure sprint speed, agility and reaction time off the blocks in audible mode. Select your distance and start mode and you’re all set to go. Track and visualize your performance over time and track your personal records.

MyBrain Melomind is a unique headset that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which reportedly puts your mind at ease in just 15 minutes. The $299 system seeks to provide peace, relaxation and creates music using your brain activity. It was developed in collaboration with the Brain & Spine Institute of Paris, and is said to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in stress tech.

AfterShokz Trekz Air are designed for working out priced at $150. The new generation of wireless AfterShokz IP55 sweat-resistant bone-conduction headphones weigh in at 30g, that’s around 20% lighter than the original Trekz Titanium and come with a durable premium titanium frame and wraparound band to keep it safe. You can also take a call while you’re on the run as it includes dual noise cancelling mics.