Why do parents send their children to school without breakfast?



It is strange to hear parents complaining about the food provided in schools. They say that it is not nutritious. Moreover, we see many parents today depending on school meals and allowing their children to leave home without breakfast. Are these parents unaware of the effects of not having breakfast before school? The meal at the school at 10 am everyday can never replace breakfast. I believe all students must have breakfast at home so that they are able to concentrate in class.

Parents who criticize school meals should blame themselves first. They should admit that they are not providing the right nutrition for their own children. If you and your children went to bed early, then it would be easy for you to wake up early and prepare breakfast together before anyone leaves home. It is sad to witness children sleeping late and going to school tired every day. It is the parents’ responsibility before everyone else to provide their children with a good meal.

For instance, we see many schools ensuring that there are no soft drinks on their premises. However, some parents still buy soft drinks and give them to their children. Whose fault is that? We should understand that when we make our children’s health our last concern, then there is no one to blame but ourselves.