Les Benjamins unites cultures and breaks stereotypes


Saudi Gazette

Les Benjamins is one of the fastest growing contemporary brands in the fashion industry known for distinctive one-off pieces heavily influenced by Bunyamin Aydin, a Turkish designer and creator of the brand. Les Benjamins is a fusion of athleisure and urban streetwear that appeals to millennials and Generation Z alike.

This week Aydin spoke to Saudi Gazette in an exclusive interview discussing his vision and fashion trends for 2017. For his latest collection, Aydin said the Eagle Hunters in Mongolia proved to be a major inspiration. “The tents, traditional clothes, landscapes, and symbols all shaped this season’s collection. Novelty items are the velvet sweatpants and tops,” Aydin told Saudi Gazette.

Les Benjamins has a unique presence with stunning visuals and unusual motifs. With a cool twist on urban fashion, the youth is particularly a big fan of Les Benjamins pieces. Aydin explained Les Benjamins is “story telling of ethnic cultures around the world. It’s a platform for culture that reminds us or tells the stories of regions all around the world in a positive, uniting way.”

Aydin is a trendsetter who chooses to follow his heart rather than trends even if that is where the masses are headed. This season’s eclectic mix of velvet with unusual designs and styles helped formulate new urban trends. “I always choose my own path. The concepts I create are unique and usually untouched in the way that I do it. The balance of cultural aesthetics and streetwear silhouettes is what I always try to keep well balanced.”

Staying relevant can prove to be challenging but Aydin confessed he is not bothered or motivated by trends. “I create my own trends and it solves the problem. I don’t have the need to follow what everyone else is doing as it becomes repetitive and boring.”

He said the three must-have fashion pieces this season are the Soho Jacket, Akay3 Coat, and the Murad tee. His favorite being the oversized ‘SOHO’ jacket which has a landscape of Mongolian mountains and an eagle print on the back.

Aydin will launch a special capsule collection during Sole Dxb in December. “We are all super excited about it. But you will have to come to Sole Dxb to find out more!” Sole Dxb is reportedly the region’s premier lifestyle event for urban trendsetters and fashion lovers held in Dubai.

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