Nissan X-TRAIL 2018 with upgraded features launched in Mideast



BEIRUT— With the concentration on intelligent safety technology, power, color varieties, and elegance, Nissan has launched Nissan X-TRAIL 2018 model in Beirut on Oct. 2 during a press conference.

During the conference it was mentioned that the SUV is now available with a range of upgrades and colors. The car which Saudi Gazette had the chance to test drive in Beirut, would be a smart choice for families with big number of members, beginner drivers, particularly women because of the technology that it has, the safety features, and space. Customers can pick either the five or seven-seat version. The new car is available not only with the old colors of the car line, but also new five colors are added now, including orange, palatial ruby, gold beige, blue pearl and dark brown.

Some of the new technologies that would help the new drivers in the streets are intelligent rear view mirror, hill start assist, intelligent emergency brake, intelligent, cruise control, rear cross traffic alter, auto hold switch, intelligent view mirror, and blind spot warning technology.

During the test-driving, the driver got a chance to see what behind him better since the mirror has built-in LCD monitor-displaying images from a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle that can change from mirror to display with a simple switch. Yet, during sunny days the LCD screen may not be that clear, according to the driver opinion.

Intelligent emergency braking is one of the best features in the car for family safety since it monitors the speed of the car and warn the customers when they need to slow down when there is a car around them.

Auto Hold Switch is another safety feature in the car that allows the driver to take their foot off the brake and reduce fatigue. Going to another icon in the car, by pressing the camera icon, the intelligent view mirror system will work and the driver can see the car in 360° bird’s-eye view since this system have four cameras.

Although many people say that driving in Lebanon and its mountains is hard with Nissan’s hill start assist feature, we had a very smoothie driving experience. For many media drivers the interior design was amazing and they felt the sophistication of the design and the leather, yet for one of them the third raw of seats in the seven-seat car version is not that confortable although the vehicle is big. The car is 169 horses with 233 torches.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL also comes with two airbags as standard, plus side curtain airbags on SL models, driver assistance systems including anti-lock, the intelligent rear view mirror when

The prices for the car in the Gulf Area for the S grade starts from around AED87,000 87. This price is for the 2WD 2ROW. While SV grade for 4WD 3ROW is between AED118,000 to around AED119,200. The price for the SL grade 4WD 3ROW is between AED127,000 to 129,000.