Girls’ schools need suitable PE facilities



It is easy for the Ministry of Education to prepare a syllabus for female teachers who will be responsible for teaching physical education. It might also be easy to prepare special courses for these teachers to deliver PE lessons. The ministry is also able to hire new PE teachers.

All of this seems easy to do since the ministry has finally agreed to allow PE to be taught to girls. This happened because the ministry realized the impact of PE on building students’ health and personality.

However, the most difficult task is to find a suitable place for students to take part in effective PE lessons. This needs to be given serious consideration since many Saudi schools are housed in inadequate rented buildings. There is a great need for facilities in which teachers and students can comfortably exercise, and many of our schools lack an appropriate space for PE.

In light of these circumstances, schools and especially girls’ schools must get rid of their rented buildings and fulfill the ministry’s promise of building more appropriate and suitable governmental schools. For many years, the ministry has failed to fulfill its promise even though numerous ministers and authorities have been penalized for this. After all is said and done, we are left with inadequate rented buildings, which makes us wonder if there is any real concern for providing our youth with a quality education.