Conditions for women driving!



ONCE the Royal Decree was announced to approve of new traffic systems and executive regulations, including granting driver's license to both men and women, some sites started promoting conditions that they expected to apply, reducing women's enjoyment of their right to drive. This right that this decree granted her after long decades has been like an impossible dream.

The requirements or conditions that some minds came up with under pseudonyms in social media are nothing but a product of the shock wave that the royal decree caused to many of those who opposed Saudi women's driving using religious arguments that have nothing to do with religion and social excuses that were destroyed by the joy this decree caused, which confirmed that we live in Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque's King Salman's age of firmness and determination and he is not afraid to grant rights to their owners.

These conditions stipulate a particular age in which a woman is granted a driver's license that differs from that of men, as well as specific hours and times that women are allowed to drive. It also requires specific areas and locations where women can drive as well as the guardian's consent and other requirements. Those who invented these conditions reduce the limits of women's entitlement to enjoy the right granted to them by the royal decree.

If only those who conceived or wished to apply these requirements read and understood the decree as it should be done, it is clear and explicit stating that "the application of the provisions of the Traffic Regulations and its Bylaws, including the issuance of a driving license, shall apply to both males and females alike," the statement affirms non-discrimination and prevents setting any requirements, and the referral to the existing traffic system and its executive regulations confirm that we will not have two systems — one for men and another for women.