Environmental and community projects

The Role Of Luxury Hotels In Protecting The Environment


This week we look at sustainability projects around the world and focus on what roles luxury hotels like Four Seasons play in conserving nature and its properties. Four Seasons Resorts Maldives coral propagation project is one of the most successful of its kind in the world. The propagation process involves attaching coral fragments onto specially designed coral frames to boost existing reef habitats and generate new ones. Get involved with other marine driven initiatives that seek to restore and help animals and underwater life.

Reefscapers – Instigated by Maldivian environmental consultancy, Seamarc Pvt. Ltd, and sponsored by the Resorts and their guests. Reefscapers is also investigating ground- breaking clone selection research to help protect reefs against global warming. See www.marinesavers.com

Maldivian Manta Ray Project (MMRP) part of Manta Trust – Founded by senior marine biologist Guy Stevens – with the support of Four Seasons and Save Our Seas – the world-renowned MMRP has amassed the largest number of identified manta rays on record anywhere, combining new discoveries with active conservation and education. See www.mantatrust.org Guests visiting the Resort between May and October can become a manta researcher for the day, or sign up for ‘Manta on Call’: a thrilling speedboat ride to swim with mantas spotted at nearby hotspots.

Landaa’s Fish Lab breeds ornamental fish with the aim, in time, of developing an alternative source of income for local communities.

Landaa’s Turtle Rehabilitation Centre is part of the Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program, a series of projects established by Four Seasons Resorts Maldives to protect, monitor, relocate, release, rear and rehabilitate Maldivian sea turtles.

Mosquito Control – Landaa Giraaavru has been working with Trudy Rilling-Collins, a.k.a. ‘The Mosquito Lady’, since 2011 to provide environmentally responsible solutions to unwanted monsoon-loving guests. Thanks to Trudy’s highly targeted techniques, Four Seasons has been able to completely eliminate the use of fogging across both of its Maldivian resorts, and is now funding the extension of the project to Bodu Huraa, Kuda Huraa’s adjacent community island, and across 13 island communities in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere.

The Baa Atoll Youth Project (BAYP) – Dating back to Autumn 2009, BAYP sees the Resort working with local youngsters on conservation issues and projects relevant to their home islands, increasing environmental education and aiding the effective implementation of local conservation measures.

Waste Management Programme – Implemented across three local islands, providing collection bins and fortnightly removal of waste that would otherwise pollute the island and surrounding sea.

Water-bottling Plant – producing still and sparkling water for Landaa’s restaurants and guestrooms, saving around 30,400 plastic bottles per month.

Four Seasons Zuvaanunge Saqaafee Vaadha (Four Seasons Youth Culture Competition) – an annual bodu beru competition to promote cultural values and sustainability among local youth.

The Marine Discovery Centre (MDC) is an interactive research and education centre designed to guide guests and locals alike through the underwater world of the Maldives and the Resort’s efforts to conserve it. The Centre uses multi- language touch screen video kiosks, dramatic photography, exhibition boards, educational talks, life-size models and interaction with marine biologists to educate its visitors. The Centre also has a dedicated children’s area with touch tank.

www.marinesavers.com - features the history, progress and plans of all of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives marine conservation projects. Interactive components enable guests to keep track of the Resorts’ satellite-tagged turtles, follow the progress of coral frames they have sponsored and transplanted, and keep up to date with news of island events from the discovery of turtle nests to outreach projects with local schools.

Support of the Thulhaadhoo lacquer ware artisans – the only remaining lacquer ware craftsmen in the Maldives, of whom Four Seasons is the biggest single customer. Supporting local artists and craftsmen is essential for nurturing growth and sustainability.

— Compiled by Mariam Nihal