Lifan plans to launch 5 new models in KSA as demand expands



— Lifan Motors recently launched one of the vehicles of the third-generation products – utility-type urban SUV Lifan X70 – during the 4th Global Distributor Convention held at Grand Hayat hotel, in Lijiang in China under the theme ‘Start New Act High’. The car will be available in the Saudi market soon. During the convention, the Saudi media had the chance to be part of the Lifan X70 test-driving experience.

Since last year, the company has released a series of vehicles such as the X7, X80 and M7, and from the second half of this year to next year, the X70 and X50II will be put into the market. These are Lifan’s version 3.0 products, which have been bolstered with significant improvements in aesthetic design, product quality, and operating comfort.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Derek Duan, the regional director of Middle East and North Africa market for Lifan, explained that their plans for the Saudi market for this year is to launch two passengers cars, Lifan 820 which is currently in the market, while the second one will be x70.

He said that Saudi market is a market of diversity, where it has locals and expats from India, Egypt, or Pakistan. He added that expats have a demand for these economic cars, and for this, they will be the company’s major potential customers in the Kingdom.

Duan added that in the coming two years, the company is planning to launch 5 new models in the Kingdom. He noted that with the intensive cooperation with their Kingdom partner Shairco Group in the sales and marketing, the customers will have an after sales warranty of 5 years for the cars and 150,000 kilometers.

During the convention, several partners where honored including Shairco Group.

Experts forecast that the gross output of Chinese cars will reach 50 million vehicles by the year 2025, among which 40 million will be manufactured for China and 10 million produced for export. Calculated based on Lifan's 3 percent share of export, Lifan should at least export 300,000 vehicles.