WhatsApp free calls



ONE of the disadvantages of WhatsApp is the way it allows wrong and inauthentic medical information to spread. There is no doubt that WhatsApp, like other applications, has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is like medicine that can cause side effects if there’s an overdose.

The best thing about WhatsApp is the fact that it has become the sworn enemy of greedy telecom companies in Third World countries. These companies take advantage of customers and try to get money out of them.

Unfortunately, these companies do not compete with one another to satisfy customers but compete with each other in getting as much money out of them as possible.

In our country, telecom companies try to curtail the free services offered by WhatsApp and block the application’s free call feature. Regrettably, they succeed in their plans and use flimsy excuses such as security.

All countries allow the free call feature of WhatsApp to function because these calls are secure, just like calls made through telecom companies.

Besides, mobile numbers can be identified through fingerprints and ID card numbers, meaning that WhatsApp calls can be identified and traced.

It is true that WhatsApp can help propagate wrong information at lightning speed. Raising public awareness about this could help reduce its negative effects.

Let us be frank, there are media establishments and satellite channels that spread wrong information. They rely on dubious sources and spread dodgy advertisements about medical products, food, etc. just to generate profits.