Boutique Le Chocolat – For Chocolate Aficionados


Saudi Gazette

Chocolate aficionados, we have good news. If you love chocolates and high-end brands passionately and in equal measure, Boutique Le Chocolat is the place for you. Curated for those who love the experience at Hermes and boutique stores, Le Chocolat has gathered 28 luxury brands exclusively under one roof with just ‘60 more coming soon’. Located at City Walk in Dubai, they ship directly to Saudi Arabia and internationally. “We had an order for 800 boxes from Saudi Arabia recently so we personalized them with names of the bride and groom just to give them something extra,” Wael Dayoub, the assistant store manager told Saudi Gazette.

Offering chocolate aficionados an assortment of more than 700 different flavors of premium chocolate, from a luscious array of ready-made and hand-crafted creations to personalized orders that can take a week and are done at the boutique in front of you, Le Chocolat offers brands you have never heard of. It is also a great gift idea as you can create your own personal chocolate bar with a personalized label for any occasion.

You can unwind with drinks at Boutique Le Chocolat Café or eat at Cocoa Kitchen, where each dish, savory or sweet, has a hint of cocoa and delight.

Le Chocolat’s collection comprises of chocolate from Japan, France, Belgium, USA and Switzerland. The store manager Christophe Hamon said one of the premium brands Artisan Palet D’or is a divine luxury ‘where you allow the chocolate to melt and dissolve so you can enjoy the flavors of where the chocolate actually originates from’. Palet D’or sources chocolates from Madagascar, Haiti, Trinidad and Cuba among many other exotic locations around the world. The list of premium chocolate brands available at the store include: Boutique Le Chocolat, TA Milano, Amedei, Choc d H, Jean Charles Rochoux, Maison Chaudun, Arnaud Lahrer, Marie Belle, John Kelly, Du Rhone, Hugo & Victor, deLafee, Aoki, Henri Le Roux, Chapon, Peter Beier, Boissier, Bellanger, Palet D’Or, Guittard, Benoit Nihant, Rococo, Bernachon, Vincent Guerlais, Z Chocolat, Fabrice Gilotte and Roberto Cavalli.