Emergency intervention teams at all Holy Sites


Saudi Gazette

MINA — The Civilian Protection teams have been put on alert and are ready to deal with any emergency situation and undertaking any evacuation, shelter, or relief operations, announced Col. Dhafir Al-Asmari.

“In cases of emergency, we are supported by 32 government agencies that will help us take drastic measures to deal with any situation and ensure the maximum protection of all pilgrims. These teams are also supported by Civil Defense teams that have been distributed all over the Holy Sites,” Al-Asmari explained.

Tunnels and pedestrian walkways are closely monitored by advanced technology devices. Any suspicious activity will be spotted on real time basis and the Civilian Protection teams will respond quickly and take action with the help of other security officers. Coordination between government agencies is constant. All areas in the holy sites including the Jamarat Bridge, train stations, and pathways have security officers on the ground who are ready to protect the safety of pilgrims and jump to the rescue of anyone.

There are also intervention teams all over the holy sites who are intensively trained to respond to 13 types of risks that were identified this year. They will be in charge of management of crowds and will be ready to support any other teams on the ground. The teams closely monitor all activities in Mina.

They are aware of all the potential risks as they have given various drills over the past six months on how to respond to any emergency. They also are conversant with all the Ministry of Haj’s studies dealing with the management of crowds in the holy sites. They are equipped with knowledge and advanced devices.

Any biological or chemical element that might pose danger to pilgrims will be detected by the team and dealt with immediately. The special team will contain it after they measure the dangers and potential harm. The source of leakage will be identified and closed then the area will be decontaminated. Besides, anyone who might have been exposed to the leaked gas will be screened and provided with necessary medical help. The affected area will be closed off until it has been fully decontaminated.

The Jamarat Bridge is specially filled with intervention and other teams to supervise the movement of pilgrims and provide medical help to anyone who needs it.