SEC volunteer team ties up with Saudi Scouts Association to serve the pilgrims


JEDDAH — The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) participates with a qualified volunteer team in the activities of the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association in the Haj season this year to provide voluntary services and awareness activities to the pilgrims. The team efforts include supporting the Association's services and joining its members in various activities such as ambulance, traffic regulation, health care, awareness and guidance, and providing support to the sectors of the State participating in the pilgrimage season, in coordination with specialized bodies.

"The participation of the voluntary electricity team in the activities of the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association comes within the framework of the agreement signed by the company with the association this year within the social responsibility standards for community service and promotion of all its categories," said Humoud bin Awdah Al-Ghubaini, Senior Vice President of Communications and Public Relations at SEC.

He pointed out that the role of the company also includes providing mobile generators to serve the activities of the Association, and running training courses in the electrical safety for members, as part of the company's policy to support all government and private sectors and agencies to provide the best voluntary services to the pilgrims during the Haj season.

Al-Ghubaini said the volunteer electricity team was trained and qualified by the specialists of the Association as the agreement signed between the two sides contributed to improve the scouting activities of the team, as well as the outstanding support provided by the company to enhance the role of the Association and its services during the Haj and Umrah season. The Association takes over several missions such as surveying, collecting and updating information for the shrines of Mina and Arafat, issuing guides to the two shrines, in addition to guiding the wandering pilgrims and bringing them safely to their camps through the guidance centers of the Association distributed in all sites of the holy shrines.

The Senior Vice President of Communications and Public Relations at SEC added that the agreement is part of the common societal goals of both sides, and that the participation of electricity volunteer team in activities of the Association in the Holy Places highlights the bright image of the people of this generous country.

"It emphasizes the spirit of volunteerism and national belonging, according to a vision that adopts sincerity as a base, perfection as a characteristic and education as an approach."

At the same time, he praised the efforts of the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association and its camps spread in Makkah, Madinah and the shrines of Mina and Arafat, and its readiness and qualification to be a springboard for the great services provided by the scouts to the pilgrims during the pilgrimage season this year.

The Saudi Electricity Company is involved with more than (1500) engineers, technicians and administration officers in the pilgrimage season this year 1438H, under the slogan "We work diligently for the guests of Allah, the Compassionate" aiming to provide reliable electrical service in Makkah, Madinah and the Holy Shrines. The company has established new electrical projects worth SR4250 million this year to support the reliability of the electrical service and the comfort of the pilgrims. — SG