Hair care essentials - collagen to the rescue!


Saudi Gazette

It is simple. The way it works is, if you want healthy hair then you have to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs for it. One of the most important nutrients you can provide your hair with is collagen, which makes up the structure of your hair.

Collagen is a long-chain amino acid and the most abundant protein in the body that is not just good for our skin but also for hair growth. Collagen plays a huge role in renewing cells and is responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of hair too. Collagen also helps nourish, grow and thicken your hair. As you reach the age of thirty, your body’s ability to produce collagen decreases bringing down collagen levels in the body making your hair more vulnerable to breakage and loss. Collagen can help ensure that your hair follicles get the nutrients they need and help hair growth.

Check out the Collagen Collection by BeautyBox.

What if you could rediscover healthy hair—before coloring, heat styling and chemical treatments? Try the Collagen Collection with three ultra-concentrated formulas that restore youthful density, improve elasticity and fullness while reconstructing damaged cuticles so hair looks healthy again. Enhanced with collagen, squalene and provitamin B5, Collagen Shampoo, Collagen Hair Mist and Collagen Hair Mask revitalize hair from the inside out. Hair looks thicker, feels stronger, and radiates that wow-factor shine.

The collagen shampoo helps rebuild strength and elasticity. The mask improves hair health by revitalizing, strengthening, thickening and increasing shine. the collagen hair mist replenishes collagen protein to revitalize, strengthen, thicken and plump hair. It reconstructs damaged hair and helps reestablish its natural gloss.

Their latest ‘buy two and get one free’ offer for Hajj is available at Nahdi pharmacies from August 24 to September 12. Currently, the collagen collection is only available at 70 branches throughout the country.