Celebrating our shared strengths and values


IT gives me great pleasure to extend my heartfelt congratulations to fellow Pakistanis living home and abroad on the Independence Day of our beloved country. We are indeed happy to be celebrating the occasion with our brothers in our second home: Saudi Arabia. This year is momentous as we complete seventy years of Independence; which was achieved following an epic struggle and huge sacrifices by Muslims of the subcontinent under the leadership of great Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

We are proud to have developed into a modern reckonable state in the comity of nations through untiring efforts of the people and visionary leaders. Today, Pakistan a country of two hundred million people, is a progressive Islamic state with an active parliament, independent judiciary, free media, and vibrant civil society. Pakistan is endowed with immense natural resources and above all highly industrious, enterprising and peace-loving people. With its vital geostrategic location at the confluence of central, western and South Asia and sustained economic growth, Pakistan is destined to rise InshaAllah. Investment friendly environment and execution of OBOR’s flagship project; China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) offer bright opportunities for potential investors in not only infrastructure, but also in agriculture, food, textile and livestock industries.

Saudi Arabia is revered and occupies a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis, which is manifested in outstanding bilateral relations between the two countries. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have always stood by each other and the collaboration continues to grow. We are grateful to Saudi Arabia for the warmth and hospitality extended to nearly 2.6 million Pakistanis, the largest overseas Pakistani community. I am sure the contributions made by some top professionals, highly skilled and unskilled Pakistanis in the development of Saudi Arabia for the past many years is well acknowledged. I sincerely hope cooperation in this arena will grow further under the auspices of Saudi Vision 2030. I urge the Pakistani Diaspora to continue to work with zeal and uphold the dignity of our great nation.

Let us today renew our pledge to make Pakistan the state envisioned by our forefathers and founders. I join my Pakistani brethren in praying that Pakistan-Saudi relations grow from strength to strength for the benefit of ummah at large and people of the two countries. May Allah bless Pakistan and Saudi Arabia with lasting peace and prosperity in times ahead.

Long Live Pakistan

Long Live Saudi Arabia

Long Live Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Friendship

Khan Hasham Bin Saddique

Ambassador of Pakistan