New initiative to fight unemployment



HIGH-CLASS unemployment is a new term that denotes jobless Saudi post graduates including those who have obtained master and doctorate degrees in different specializations. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 jobless young Saudi men and women in this category, according to statistics published by the Ministry of Civil Service and carried by the public media.

In order to end unemployment of highly qualified Saudis, a new initiative has been launched by the Center of Excellence for Research last year to employ all Saudi women who have obtained post graduate degrees in science and arts. The move was instrumental in bringing about qualitative change in the lives of many young Saudi women, helping them achieve success and excellence.

The initiative was spearheaded by two women professors — Rasha Alkulaibi and Bashaer Al-Osaimi. They have received more than 700 applications, 90 percent of them have obtained master degrees from Arab and international universities, with high grades and ranks. The two were successful in finding employment for a large number of jobless women.

The center strives to get these highly qualified women employed and enable them to work from home. They are given assignment to support university students who specialize in various subjects. One of the distinguished features of this center is that it would not help students to cheat by doing the full project on behalf of them or solving any academic problems they are assigned to do.

This center of excellence offers its services like the student centers at universities and receive work through emails. It has set up different platforms to support students and have assigned a supervisor for each platform. Supervisors will distribute work equally among members of the group. There is a department for languages and translation and another for math and computer.

The center offers its services to students at competitive rate, compared to prices of student centers at universities. It excels in quality as the work is done by highly qualified graduates. The center was established not to make profit but to employ capabilities of these post graduates, whose skills were not properly utilized. I am sure that these women would get better jobs when they achieve necessary experience through work and exchange of expertise.

The presence of 42 post graduate women specialized in various subjects is equal to a virtual academy and their services are available 24 hours and seven days a week.

From this platform I would like to request all young Saudi men who have failed to find a suitable job to seek alternatives and apply what they have learned during the academic course. They have to look for non-conservative solutions like the center of excellence for research.

I have full confidence in the capabilities and skills of young Saudi men and women. They have enough talents and efficiency and what they required is creativity. They have still time to show off their skills and excel in various professions and enterprises.