Vocational training will create job opportunities for Saudi youth



A few decades ago, Egypt adopted a policy of encouraging Egyptian youth to take up vocational jobs such as becoming plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. Egypt realized at the time that helping youth enroll in vocational courses would increase their chances of finding good jobs and earning a decent wage.

In fact, many countries have realized this and have focused on vocational training. People used to think that a college diploma was better than a vocational diploma. However, over time, they realized that vocational jobs and trades were in demand and that college diplomas no longer guaranteed better jobs. These countries encouraged their people to think about taking vocational training courses.

Najeeb Mahfouz, the great Arab novelist, wrote in his memoires about the importance of vocational training. He said: “Tawfiq Salih, a friend of mine who worked as a cinema director, visited his daughter one day. He noticed that she was really upset and annoyed. When he asked her why, she said that the plumber did not show up on time to finish some work at her home. My friend, Salih, asked his daughter why he did not come on time. She said he was working as a full-time government tax collector in the morning and a plumber after work.”

Mahfouz commended the man and wrote that this man should be respected because he was working hard to provide for his family and did not feel any social stigma about being a part-time plumber. Mahfouz also stressed that this man and his likes would be viewed with more respect in the future.

I believe that vocational training courses will create better job opportunities for Saudi youth. There is increasing demand for vocational jobs in the labor market.