I AM very sorry for the cleaners who work for and live with us with dreams, tiredness and hopes greater than toiling hard in caring for our city. Without them a neat and clean city would be impossible to exist. These are the men who deserve our love and appreciation for their strenuous efforts and the importance of cleanliness. Our culture, I am sad to say, has not felt the necessity of cleanliness and hygiene, especially when one sees shameful acts of some of us. We believe in and fear God. Yet we get rid of food in improper ways for insects, birds and cats to feed on. Here is the problem that creates trouble for the neighborhood. Insects and rodents find an opportunity to grow at the expense of this carelessness. I swear to you that I perform the daily task of a cleaning worker five times on my way to the mosque. I put everything these reckless people throw outside trash containers. This, of course, is tiring and sad to see others not caring about the entire neighborhood, believing that they were right and that their reward is from God...

We live, more often than not, in the midst of immature, abusers, evildoers and insane people, who indulge in uncivilized practices and unpleasant acts. The calamity is that they do not hear and do not see. These are not just a one-time story but a black history of white minds still living in their world away from the culture of sophistication and consciousness. I think no amount of logic and reason would be able to convince them that life is not a game and that an awareness to live sincerely with others is a prerequisite of the modern times.

"During the last days of Ramadan, many homes get rid of their old furniture and throw it on the street near garbage containers. It is a disgusting to see these ugly sights on the streets of our city on Eid nights.