SGS honors its outstanding employees


SAUDI Ground Services Company (SGS), the national provider of ground handling for the aviation sector in the Kingdom, held a recognition ceremony on Tuesday (July 11) to honor 700 of the outstanding employees who participated in serving the guests of the two Holy Mosques during the Umrah season this year 2017, in addition to 61 employees that were honored for their outstanding performance during the months of May and June 2017.

SGS provides ground-handling services to travellers and passengers in all 27 regional and international airports in the Kingdom, serving local and foreign airline customers. Since the human element in SGS is the key to its success and growth, the company provides special training and development programs to its employees to ensure the highest standards of service. Moreover, SGS has recently launched the “Outstanding Employee” recognition Program, where the company honors distinguished individuals with certificates and monthly incentives.

The outstanding employees were honored by the CEO of SGS Qaid Bin Khalaf Al Otaibi who praised them for their dedication and commitment during the past period. He also pointed that this year 2017, is an important year for the company, as this year, the company witnessed major restructuring and the launch of its transformation program. In its transformation, the company is keen to provide modern solutions and systems to contribute to further achievements.

Qaid Al Otaibi has emphasized on customers’ satisfaction being a key component of the transformation, clear vision and objectives were also set for the company to insure continuous growth, especially in the current competitive environment.

"We strongly believe that the human cadres are the true asset and the core structure of the company, in which we invest all the resources to have a professional team that provides outstanding services in line with international standards," he said in his speech.

“It’s very important that we recognize our outstanding employees, especially during the busy seasons," he added.

He also urged all SGS employees to put their utmost efforts, especially in high seasons, to provide quality services to all customers of SGS. — SG