We must appreciate the sincere ones



PROFESSIONALLY we are moving in the right direction toward stimulating production, improving job performance, establishing integrity and accountability — especially with the wrongdoers — and combating corruption.

The trend in this regard is clear and the evidence of implementation has appeared in some cases and others are on their way to do the same. And we have to walk in this direction quickly because this phase requires speed, and arriving late is better than not getting to our destination.

What must be parallel to holding accountable and combating corruption is to monitor individuals with real achievements and knowledge and reward them in our government departments. The principle of punishment must be accompanied by the principle of reward, and defamation of the evil must be accompanied by publicity of good.

I have examined closely the topic of achievements and creativity in our government circles, wrote a lot about the issue, and received a lot of complaints too. I found that most of them revolve around the fact that managers steal achievements from small employees and attribute the success of any initiative to themselves. Or sometimes lack of appreciation of the loyal employee and equating him or her performance with under-performing employees (both who work and who do not work), and some complaints which I received and examined their evidence and impact in a timely manner in media outlets whether in television, radio or newspapers, were related to the administrator participating with the technical employee's success and reward, despite not participating in putting the effort to what led to this success! This is one of the most blatant injustices. How can a person, who did not work or participate in any given project or initiative, and perhaps one of the most obvious examples that I have mentioned a while ago is about the participation of the heads of customs officials in the reward of seizing prohibited items, although the effort and the nobility of the employee has nothing to do with his boss! The situation has changed today and must change in every field.

We must quickly establish the principle of celebrating everyone who has achieved success either as an employee in his work or as a citizen in his community or as a resident in his second homeland, and to be generous with them and not to underestimate them.