DHL taps Tarabot to deliver CSR initiative

DHL taps Tarabot to deliver CSR initiative

Faysal Elhajjami

DHL Express has partnered with Tarabot, a charity located in the Eastern Province, to provide timely medical support to patients struggling to cover the cost of medical treatments by providing safe and comfortable transportation from their homes to the treatment locations.

The initiative was spearheaded by Faysal El Hajjami, Country General Manager, DHL Express KSA, who reinforced the company’s commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Kingdom.

He said: “As a global leader in transport and logistics, we are proud to partner with Tarabot to provide easy access to timely medical treatment to some of the neediest people in the Eastern Province. We have donated a KIA SUV to help transport patients from their homes to medical treatment centers in the Eastern Province. In addition, we have a number of ongoing global projects, including Go Help, Go Teach and Go Green, all of which aim to help local communities by improving their wellbeing.”

Tarabot, the Charitable Society for the Care of Patients in the Eastern Province, was founded in 2011 and is solely dedicated to allocating all available resources to poor patients who cannot bear the financial cost of undergoing medical treatments.

The initiative was originally developed by a DHL employee, as a part of a CSR competition that was held in the last quarter of 2016 that aimed to encourage employees to come up with ideas for CSR campaigns and that could potentially help out local communities. A number of DHL employees pitched in for the donation of the vehicle, while the rest of the cost was covered by DHL.

“DHL Express has a very effective global CSR strategy under the three key pillars - Go Help, Go Teach and Go Green that cover various aspects like education, environmental protection and giving aid to charitable causes. It is our goal to be the service provider and employer of choice – and to have a balanced approach to pursuing our corporate interests while being good global citizens. We firmly believe that our CSR programs, particularly the Go Help initiatives genuinely contribute to making a change by building strong communities around the world.” — SG