The Ministry of Education and its summer programs

The Ministry of Education and its summer programs

Saeed Al-Suraihi

By Saeed Al-Suraihi


IT seems that the Ministry of Education has not provided enough media coverage for its summer programs targeting school students this year. If students do not know about the programs, how are they going to enroll in them? The weak media coverage can have negative impact on the ministry’s plan, which aims to increase the number of students, male and female, who take part in the programs.

“My Vacation” is one of the summer programs that aims to run 1,000 clubs to offer extracurricular activities to around 2 million students. Many students still do not know what the most constructive ways to spend their free time are. This is a great program that every single student should know about.

Several government agencies boast about their programs in the media; they want to show the supreme authorities and the public that they are implementing serious programs. These agencies should stop doing that because their actions will speak louder than their words. If any government body should make such announcements, it should be the Ministry of Education.

The aforementioned program is really huge and is composed of various activities in fields like tourism, volunteering, entertainment, etc. It is a program that will provide activities to students of elementary, intermediate and secondary schools, let alone the hundreds of job opportunities created for young Saudis interested in working with the clubs.

If the ministry was able to attract 240,000 students to the program in the first week, it would have achieved its goal of raising the number of participants to 2 million needs had it announced this important program in the media with due importance.