Al-Jasser inspects Saudia services at KKIA in Riyadh

Al-Jasser inspects Saudia services at KKIA in Riyadh


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Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser issued directives to the heads of operations sectors and support companies to be available on the job with their colleagues the employees during the Eid vacation.

They should provide support so as to ensure the smooth flow of operations and provide the best services to “Saudia” guests during these times that are witnessing a high operational movement due to several occasions and seasons coinciding with one another.

They include the Umrah season, summer vacation, the two Eids and Haj season. Saudia has to deal with the rush during these seasons as it is the national carrier of the Kingdom by mobilizing all potentials and doubling efforts at all locations.

Al-Jasser told Saudia staff to always strive to provide the best services to the airline’s guests.

This came following an inspection tour carried out by Al-Jasser on Friday evening to check on the progress of Saudia operations at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh during these blessed days and nights that witness a great rush on domestic and international flights.

Al-Jasser was briefed on the final touches to the preparations to begin implementation of the operation plan for the summer vacation as of Saturday. This season is witnessing the biggest operations in the history of Saudia.

The number of direct domestic and international flights has been increased to 48,000 with a capacity of over 10 million seats within less than three years.

Al-Jasser started his tour of KKIA by meeting the personnel of Saudia, companies and nascent strategic units assigned to work in the airport. He thanked them for their sincere efforts and hard work in performing their duties in serving Saudia guests and facilitating their travel procedures.

He urged them to double their efforts during the coming days that are expected to witness unprecedented operations in terms of the number of flights, available seating capacity and number of people traveling on domestic and international flights.

Al-Jasser also made an inspection tour of the departure and arrival terminals and the luggage area in the Domestic Flights Terminal 5 and followed the services being provided to passengers.

Al-Jasser met a number of Saudia guests in the departure and arrival terminals. He enquired from them if they were provided all the required services and whether the travel procedures were easy and flexible.

He urged the passengers to take advantage of the services Saudia is providing to its guests at the Saudi Arabian Airlines Club between exits 14 and 15 on the northern ring road. They can complete their procedures, hand over their luggage and obtain their boarding pass 24 to 8 hours before their flight.

They can then go directly to the departure terminal sufficient time before the flight.