Hot weather in Dammam forces people to stay indoor

Hot weather in Dammam forces people to stay indoor


By Saeed Haider
Saudi Gazette

DAMMAM — Streets in Dammam and Al-Khobar are wearing deserted looks as mercury hits 50 degree Celsius in the region. The hot weather has brought more agony to the residents, especially those fasting for the holy month of Ramadan.

The only respite for the residents was total absence of Eastern Province’s traditional humidity. However, weather authorities stated that normally around this time of the year humidity does not hit the region. It will be worst humid conditions with high temperature during the months of July and August.

Almost all educational institutions in the region are closed for summer vacation, but offices will close from Thursday.

In Ramadan, people of the Eastern Province love to have their Iftar on the beachside and as a result Dammam and Khobar Corniche as well as Half Moon Beach are normally very crowded. But harsh weather conditions has compelled people to stay indoor and have their Iftar at home.

Shopping in Ramadan is an event and a celebration, specially in the final week of the month as people prepare for the Eid celebrations. But this summer all shopping malls and arcades have reported low attendance, partly because of summer vacation and many people traveling abroad or for Umrah and constant decrease in expatriate population.

Hospitals have reported a slight increase in cases of dehydration and gastrointestinal problems. Doctors are advising people to keep themselves amply hydrated when they are not fasting and during fasting avoid direct contact with sun and try to remain indoor. Doctors also recommend sun screen cream as ultra violet index is alarmingly high and may cause serious sun burns.

Doctors have warned that coming days will be worst in terms of temperature and humidity and when Ramadan is over then people should take lots of fluid and avoid eating outside.