Unemployment and our universities

Unemployment and our universities

Saeed Al-Suraihi

By Saeed Al-Suraihi

LIKE other Saudi universities, Taif University still employs faculty members who are aged above 60. Some of these people have been working at the university for ages.

The only difference between Taif University and other Saudi universities lies in the fact that the former has successfully terminated the employment contracts of some 250 non-Saudi faculty members, which is a great achievement in itself. If other Saudi universities followed suit, this will create thousands of job opportunities for young Saudi men and women who are highly qualified but remain jobless.

Despite the fact that these Saudi men and women hold the similar academic degrees like the non-Saudi professors who are employed in Saudi universities, these young Saudis .

Taif University restructured itself as an institution and in the process ended the employment contracts of all non-Saudi professors. In fact, restructuring as a mechanism can help universities terminate the contracts of redundant professors and help reduce public spending on education. The excess funds can be diverted toward more important areas.

This can be an effective way in reducing the unemployment rate and creating job opportunities for Saudi young men and women who obtained PhDs from prestigious universities around the world.