IIS Jubail lifts Patrons’ Medal in India Quiz

IIS Jubail lifts Patrons’ Medal in India Quiz

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By Saeed Haider
Saudi Gazette

DAMMAM — Indian Ambassador to the Kingdom Ahmad Javed congratulated the Indian International School Jubail for winning the prestigious “India Quiz Patron’s Medal” and advised the students to be knowledgeable about developments taking place all around the world on a day-to-day basis and called on them to rekindle their inquisitiveness and have a probing mind in their pursuit for knowledge.

There were two teams from each school — one boys’ and the other girls’ team. Quiz was conducted in three phases. First phase was a written aptitude test where all 18 teams participated out of which 14 teams qualified and participated in the two semifinals.

The top three teams of each semifinal then qualified for the final and contested for the prestigious Patron’s trophy. In the final rounds of the quiz the International Indian schools of Jubail and Dammam were locked in a neck-n-neck fight and finally with a very narrow margin of one point IIS Jubail took the winner’s trophy and IIS Dammam was declared the first runner up.

Distributing the prizes, the ambassador emphasized the responsibility of parents and teachers in transferring the great culture, heritage, legends and history of India to the new generation in order to make them proud of their motherland.

Hussein Magboul, assistant director of the Ministry of Education for Foreign and Private schools in the Eastern Province, graced the occasion and distributed prizes to the participants.

The higher board member John Thomas, members of the managing committee of IISD, principals and chairmen from other Indian schools and other schools, vice principals, headmasters and headmistresses, school officials were among the dignitaries present in addition to parents and students .

It is a prestigious competition for Indian students who are studying in the International Indian schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the patronage of Indian Embassy.

This quiz program was initiated by the Embassy of India in 2013-14 in order to create awareness among Indian students about the Indian culture and heritage and latest developments in India. Eighteen teams from nine International Indian schools in the Kingdom participated in this competition.

Irfan Iqbal Khan, finance committee convener, management committee IISD, welcomed the guests. Principal and HOI, Dr. Mohammed Shaffe, highlighted the significance and importance of the India Quiz Patrons Medal and echoed the sentiments expressed by the ambassador.

Dr Irfan Waheed, head master, boys secondary school section was the quiz master, Yogesh, Shiyas, Ajay and Ms. Faridha were the members of the judges panel. Ms Tamkeen, Ms Merlin and Ms Smitha conducted the semifinals.
Alamghir Islam, vice principal administration, proposed a vote thanks. John Joseph, head master, was the master of ceremony.