Lay down arms, scholars ask Awamiyah troublemakers

Lay down arms, scholars ask Awamiyah troublemakers


Saudi Gazette report

QATIF — A number of Muslim scholars in this eastern city have asked miscreants in Al-Awamiyah to lay down their arms and abide by the law so as not to worsen the precarious situation in the region.

In a statement on Monday, the scholars asked citizens carrying arms to lay them down so as to enable the development of Al-Maswarah old district after the houses were evacuated and the owners received their financial compensation.

The scholars said the security of the country and the management of its affairs is the sole responsibility of the government alone.

The scholars recalled that they have been denouncing violence during their Friday sermons and said carrying arms in the face of the state and the citizens is a crime.

They said terrorism is not a legitimate or feasible method for solving problems but would, instead, further complicate them and jeopardize the interests of the country and the people.

The scholars said carrying arms in the face of the government and the citizens will result in more bloodshed and will destabilize the the security and the stability of the country.

They asked the residents of Awamiyah, especially its elite, wise men and intellectuals, to make concerted efforts to put an end to the predicament the society is living through.

The scholars also condemned the sectarian agitation being practiced by some media tools and the social media and said the law against electronic crimes should be applied against them.

The statement was signed by eight scholars: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Khinaizi, Sayed Ali Al-Nasser, Sheikh Ghalib Al-Hammad, Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Hibail, Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar, Sheikh Hassan Al-Khuwaildi, Sheikh Youssef Al-Mahdi and Sheikh Mansour Al-Salman.